Virtual CloneDrive

Free app for Windows 98 and up creates virtual desktop DVD drive for disk burning

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    Windows 2000 / Windows Vista / Windows ME / Windows 98 SE / Windows 98 / Windows XP

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Virtual CloneDrive
Virtual CloneDrive

Virtual CloneDrive creates image files as well as mounts and dismounts them via virtual devices.

Virtual CloneDrive is a Windows program that reads CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays. It can create image files from those discs and read image files created by other programs. Virtual CloneDrive can also create one or more virtual devices, which the OS treats like a physical optical drive but is really just a pointer to an ISO on disk. These ISOs contain files and directories just like the actual disc it mirrors does.

Virtual CloneDrive doesn’t just read and copy image files. You can also create your own or edit a copy to create your own version, such as including updated resources. You can create, adjust and dispose of virtual devices as needed as well as mount and dismount images as needed. Once created, virtual devices can remain in place and even load alongside Windows.

The program is also able to emulate disc protections so that Windows can’t discern your image from the actual disc it was copied from. This is a powerful feature that lets you access copies of discs you own. If you own a software disc that’s no longer easily replaced, for instance, you don’t have to risk damaging it. Copy it, use that image instead and keep the original in a safe place. It can also emulate DVD, BD and so forth so that you play these discs back in a PC-based optical player.

Virtual CloneDrive has been fully updated for Windows 10 and all Windows versions as far back as Windows 2000. It supports up to 15 virtual devices at a time if your system supports it. The program does, however, require admin access to install so can’t be used if you have access to anything less.


  • Create and read disc images
  • Mount and dismount images
  • Emulate copy protections


  • None

Virtual CloneDrive is a program that allows you to mount ISO files in a virtual disk drive. The program allows you to create up to 15 virtual drives so you can run ISO disc image files from your computer normally, just like you would watch a DVD in your disk drive.

With Virtual CloneDrive, you no longer have to keep switching DVDs when you want to watch different movies. You can now burn the movies to your hard drive and then mount them to the program. The program works with any kind of disc file including HD video and Blu-Ray discs.

When you download and install the software, you will choose your desired language choice in the settings tab. You will also need to choose which file types to use with the program. Once the software is installed, you will easily set up the first virtual disc drive. You can create additional drives later so you do not need to keep mounting and unmounting files to watch your DVDs.

There are not many options on Virtual CloneDrive, but the program does its job. You can automount image files that were last mounted, buffer the output and inputs and enable an eject command just like you would eject a disc from your drive.

It is very easy to mount a file with Virtual CloneDrive. You right click on the folder that contains the ISO files and click on the mount option to add it to the virtual drive. Once it is there, you simply open the drive to watch the files like you would a real DVD.

Virtual CloneDrive can also be used to convert the ISO file into avi, mp4 and other file types. If you burned a DVD to your computer as an ISO file and later want to convert it to a different file type, you can use Virtual CloneDrive to help. You will want to mount the file and then use a ripper program to rip your movie into the new file format. This allows you to change file types without needing the physical disc.

Virtual CloneDrive is an excellent program that allows you to watch your DVDs without using your DVD drive. It works with different versions of Windows but may have some problems running on Vista.


  • Free to use
  • Easy to mount files
  • Allows up to 15 virtual drives
  • Watch DVDs on your computer without changing discs
  • Allows you to convert ISO file into avi, mp4 and other formats
  • Does not use a lot of system resources
  • Mount files without opening the user interface


  • There is no official support for Windows 7
  • Has some stability problems with Windows Vista
  • Not many options to choose from

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